If you only write because you enjoy it, you won't have to worry about marketing. But if you publish your books and want as many of your target readers as possible to read them, you will need to learn how to market your Self-Published books. It would help to know what your goals are from the start because marketing a book well takes some planning and work in the beginning.

For authors, marketing is mostly about getting your target audience interested in you and your book by telling them more about yourself and your book. All you have to do is talk to them. But you have to work for it. This article has 6 ideas for promoting the Self-Published book that will make it more known to your target audience and help you sell more copies.

Some of the ideas, like entering metadata, are already part of the process of publishing a book and wouldn't take much extra work. Some of the other ways to market that are listed here may not seem important, but keep in mind your goals and be as disciplined with your book marketing plan as you are with your writing.

1.      Set up a website and start talking to the people you want to reach.

Setting up an online presence may be one of the most important things you can do to try to sell your self-published book. Make accounts on social media sites and a website or blog for yourself as an author, and then start talking to your audience.

Follow people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram who you think might be interested in your Self-Published book, and start talking to them about what they post. Follow writers and artists who write in the same genre as you. Think of this as networking: the more people you talk to, the more money you'll make.

Try to make real connections with the people who follow you. 

A great way to market your Self-Published book without annoying your audience is to post occasional teasers or updates about your writing and publishing process on social media sites. This is one way to get people excited about your book before it comes out.

Make sure your book has a Goodreads page so people can add it to their reading lists before it comes out and their friends and followers will see it in their updates. Goodreads is a great way to find new readers who might be interested in your book.

2.      Giveaways

a great way to do giveaways is to have a form for people to fill out and attach proof of purchase. Once a week, pick a random winner. The most important part of a pre-sale giveaway is the consolation prize. This can be anything from a writing review to a piece of merchandise.

3.      Start a blog or website

Even before you finish writing your book, you can help people find you. Update your site with articles that will show up in the search results of the people you want to reach. For example, if your book is about how to take care of your emotional well-being, talk about the latest scientific discoveries in the field and mix them in with your own ideas. If your Book Writing Services, you could talk about the best-known books or characters in the genre.

As the release date gets closer, you can get people excited about your book by holding contests and giving away copies. Put up high-quality content that makes people want to sign up for updates. If your site is up about a year before your book comes out, you will have time to build a big mailing list and get your site ranked higher.

4.      Event on Release Day

Even if you can't hold one in person, a release day event can boost your sales by a lot! Both my pre-sale launch and my release day stream helped my sales a lot, especially because of the buzz that surrounded them. TIP: If you have an event coming up, mention it at least a month in advance. Then, as the event gets closer, remind your audience of it more and more often. Get people stoked!

5.      Find out what works for the best-selling books in your genre.

You can find out what works in your genre by looking at their titles, cover designs, and fonts. Make a list of the ones you like best or don't like at all, and think about why you like or don't like each one.

When you read the best books, you get more out of them. As you read their reviews, you will find words and phrases that fit your target audience and describe them. 

Keep an eye out for reviews that are fair and insightful as you go through this process. You can add the reviewers to your shortlist and ask them to review your book when it is ready.

6.      Get people to review your Self-Published book

One of the fastest ways to get reviews for your new book is to give reviewers of one of your previous books a free copy and ask them nicely to review your new book.

  • You should also ask for editorial reviews from influential book bloggers, well-known authors in your genre, and newspapers. Blue Mount Publisher is one of the best book agencies in the town. The agency is very well-known with reasonable packages.

  • If you're a first-time author, you could look up Amazon's top reviewers and make a list of the ones who have reviewed books in your genre. Even though Amazon doesn't let you post reviews for pre-ordered books, if you have published a paperback version of your novel and linked it to your unpublished ebook, any reviews posted for the printed book will copy over to your ebook. This way, when your book comes out, it will already have social proof.
  • You can also use a featured giveaway to tell Goodread's more than 65 million members about your book before it comes out. Goodreads lets people post reviews of books before they come out. And although Amazon owns Goodreads, reviews that are written on one site cannot be moved to the other.


Getting the word out about a self-published novel is hard work, and there is no easy way to do it.

Quality will sell. So first and foremost, make sure you have a great book.

Then try your best to use the basic tips I've given above for promoting your Self-Published book. Most importantly, make sure your Self-Published book has a great cover and a great description. Also, make sure your Amazon categories and keywords are working for you.

Then, every day, look for ways to promote a book that you published yourself.

You can help sell your Self-Published books in many different ways.

So look for new ideas all the time.